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Interfaces: A Journal of Medieval European Literatures

Rediscovery and Canonization: The Roman Classics in the Middle Ages

Issue 3 of Interfaces: A Journal of Medieval European Literatures explores the theme of the rediscovery and canonization of the Roman classics in medieval Western European literary culture, beginning in the eleventh century and reaching a wide impact on literary and intellectual life in the twelfth century. It is headed by an article by Birger Munk Olsen whose immense and comprehensive work of cataloguing and analyzing the entire record of manuscripts containing Roman classics copied before 1200 is nearing completion (L‘étude des auteurs classiques aux XIe et XIIe siècles, 5 vols). Within our journal’s scope of medieval European literature we have found it both rewarding and fitting to take Munk Olsen’s work as a prism for what is a striking literary phenomenon across most geographies and chronologies of medieval Europe: the engagement with the pre-Christian classics.

The catalogue and the synthesis by Munk Olsen put many kinds of new studies on a firm footing. In this issue of Interfaces we present three 'frontiers' or types of scholarship on the rediscovery and canonization of the Roman classics all taking their cue from the meticulous way L’étude has charted out this territory.

Table of Contents

  • Paolo Borsa, Christian Høgel, Lars Boje Mortensen, Elizabeth M. Tyler, Introduction to Interfaces 3
  • Birger Munk Olsen, Comment peut-on déterminer la popularité d’un texte au Moyen Âge? L’exemple des oeuvres classiques latines
  • Jaakko Tahkokallio, Manuscripts as Evidence for the use of Classics in Education, c. 800–1200: Estimating the Randomness of Survival
  • Karin Margareta Fredborg, Interpretative Strategies in Horatian Commentaries from the Twelfth Century: The Ars poetica in the Carolingian Traditionsand their Twelfth-Century Developments
  • Monika Otter, Medieval Sex Education, Or: What About Canidia?
  • Mia Münster-Swendsen, December Liberties: Playing with the Roman Poets in the High-Medieval Schools
  • Wim Verbaal, Loire Classics: Reviving Classicism in some Loire Poets
  • Francine Mora, Auteurs affichés, auteurs dissimulés. Le recours aux citations dans le Commentaire sur l’Enéide attribué à Bernard Silvestre
  • Venetia Bridges, Antique Authorities? ‘Classicizing’ Poems of the 1180s
  • Jean-Yves Tilliette, Une collection de commentaires aux classiques latins, le manuscrit de Bern, Bürgerbibliothek 411. Textes et contextes
  • Filippo Bognini, “O terque quaterque beati” (Aen. 1.94). Aperçu d’une lecture séculaire
  • Irene Salvo García, L’Ovide connu par Alphonse X (1221–84)
  • Marek Thue Kretschmer, L’Ovidius moralizatus de Pierre Bersuire. Essai de mise au point
  • Rita Copeland, Behind the Lives of Philosophers: Reading Diogenes Laertius in the Western Middle Ages
02 giugno 2017
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